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"Any company that isn’t using Moonhub to hire is already losing the talent war. Moonhub is hands-down in a league of their own when it comes to seamless hiring experience, exceptional quality, fast time to hire, and knowing what I want. I went from working with dozens of recruiters, to working only with Moonhub: the best recruiter I’ve ever worked with. The company is growing 2x faster thanks to Moonhub.”
Shahriar Tajbakhsh
Co-Founder & CTO of Metaview

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Rory Donovan

Founder & CEO @ Virtuous AI

“Moonhub’s ability to source exceptional candidates is second to none! I interview only 10-20% of candidates most recruiters send me, and with Moonhub that number is easily 80%+. I also love that I can instantly scale up my hiring with Moonhub Experts. Adding the experts saves our entire team time and we hire faster than ever before."

Carol Lee

People & Talent Lead @ Enable Medicine

“Moonhub has completely transformed the way I approach hiring. I love not having to wrangle boolean searches and being confined by rigid search parameters. This is like putting Tesla on Autopilot. I describe the ideal candidate, and Moonhub translates my vision into curated candidates.”

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"Working closely with Moonhub recruiters has been an absolute game-changer in my job search. Unlike many other recruiters I’ve worked with, they were incredibly attentive and cared deeply about providing the best candidate experience for me. It was evident they weren't just interested in placing me anywhere; they truly found my dream job that I didn’t know could exist. One thing that stood out is that Moonhub recruiters have deep industry knowledge and understand the subtle nuances of software engineering roles that they shared with me. Throughout the interview process, I knew that I can count on them to be my trusted partner!”

Software Engineer hired at Enable Medicine

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