Building Omneky's Engineering Team After Seed Funding

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May 14, 2024
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Case Study

Project Background

Founded in early 2018 by Hikari Senju, Omneky utilizes state-of-the-art deep learning to personalize advertising creative across all digital channels. Their machine-learning algorithms analyze what designs and messaging are resonating most with prospective customers, and then use those insights to generate ads that are most likely to drive sales. When we met with Hikari, he had some aggressive hiring goals across all departments.

Goals & Scope

Hikari first engaged with Moonhub after closing a seed round, and had some aggressive goals to ramp up their machine learning and AI teams in a matter of weeks. He wanted to hire a handful of great developers in the Bay Area that came from top tech startups with experience building and scaling ML products.

Results at a Glance:

  • Leveraging proprietary AI and human recruiting to source and deliver top-caliber talent
  • Successfully placed a Data Engineer, a Data Scientist, and an ML Engineer within the first 3 months of engagement
  • Continuing to deliver the highest quality talent to meet the needs of this growing company

Aligning on the Roles

In the first step of Moonhub’s recruitment process, the primary objective was to clearly define the three roles Omnkey needed to fill. A dedicated Talent Partner from Moonhub collaborated closely with Omneky to identify essential attributes for each candidates. This effort extended to aligning expectations concerning compensation, experience levels, and the overarching objectives of the roles. This meticulous alignment was crucial for enabling Moonhub to efficiently and effectively identify and secure the ideal candidates for Omneky in a timely manner.

Leveraging Moonhub's AI

Following the initial alignment, Moonhub leveraged its proprietary AI technology to expedite the candidate sourcing process. Moonhub’s AI analyzes billions of data points to identify candidates who not only meet the standard requirements but also align perfectly with the specific job criteria aligned on in the first step. Moonhub’s AI was able to swiftly generate a list of suitable candidates, and their dedicated Talent Partner narrowed down to the top candidates. Within just the first two weeks of the partnership, Omneky was introduced to the first candidate they would ultimately hire.

Closing the Deal

As end-to-end partners, Moonhub supported Omnkey through every step of the hiring process. From calibration to candidate engagement, all the way through negotiating the deal, Omneky’s dedicated Moonhub Talent Partner owned and guided them through it all. Moonhub continuously shared feedback from candidates with Omneky and even helped sell one of the candidates on the advantages of joining a startup rather than accepting an offer from a more established company.

Moonhub doesn’t stop until our clients land the perfect candidate. We helped Omneky fill all three critical roles—a Data Engineer, Data Scientist, and ML Engineer—within the three-month time period communicated at the start of the engagement. We are proud to continue our partnership with Omneky as they expand their team and advance their mission of developing the premier AI-powered advertising generation tool.

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